About me

I was born and raised in Taranaki, New Zealand. I am currently working as a post-doctoral research fellow in Oslo, Norway in the Cardiac Modelling department of Simula Research Laboratory. My work is carried out as a part of the Centre for Cardiac Innovation. I work both at Simula Research Laboratory in Fornebu, Oslo, and at Rikshospitalet (in conjunction with Oslo University Hospital). 

From March 2010, I was working at INRIA-Sophia Antipolis, France in the Asclepios research project team as an intern (March - September) and as a PhD student (October 2010 - September 2013). My research involved analysing biomedical images (such as MRI, US etc.) using image processing methods, mathematics, and statistics. The aim of my work was to develop reduced-order models of cardiac growth, motion and blood flow. 

I completed a Master of Science degree in mathematics at Massey University, New Zealand in February 2010. For further details on my studies, and an overview of the courses I have taken, see the CV page.

More information about my professional career can be found on LinkedIn.

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact me by phone or email.